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A sport for everyone

All genders, ages and levels

What is touch?

Touch rugby is a fun, simple and fast-paced rugby variant with touches instead of tackles. It is easy to learn even if you never played any rugby before.

Touch rugby is one of the few sports that is played mixed, where players of all age and gender contribute and enjoy the game.


Curious about the game and rules?



Join our training sessions

Sundays are social sessions, where we play for the fun of it and age can span ranges from 12 to 60.  No previous experience is needed. If you´ve never trained before our Sunday sessions it a great start!

We create events for each training sessions - follow our facebook page to stay updated.  

Follow our facebook page to get more information about our sessions. 

Sunday Social Fun & Games:     10:30- 12:30 at Ladugårdsgärdet 

Wednesday Training                    Paused due to darkness 


Time for Touchtober!

The much awaited Stockholm Touchtober is back!!!  A touch rugby tournament presented by Touch STHLM. Join us for the 2023 edition!!! 

Sunday, 8th October, 09:30-15:00 at Gubbängens Rugbyplaner. Lock in the date and get ready with your team! 

Team registration will open soon, so keep an eye on our social media  Even if you don't have a team, you will be able to register as an individual player and the organizers will allocate you to a team.  Link to Facebook event

(Some of the games will be live streamed and photographed. Therefore by participating, it is implied that you give your consent to be photographed and published on Touch Sthlm social media. Otherwise please let our organizers know). 

Visa mindre


no copyright infringement is intended


The Stockholm archipelago has been inhabited since the 6th century and consists of some

30 000 islands, islets and skerries. Fishing combined with small-scale farming was the livelihood for the early inhabitants of the islands. You can just imagine the hardship that the early fisherman/farmers had to endure on these remote islands. 

Stockholm Touch takes inspiration form the old fishermen and the strong bond that was forged beteween them. 

Touch Stockholm is a social club and touch is one of the few sports that is played mixed. Players of all ages and genders contribute and enjoy the game.

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Jeremy Keane

I first came to a sunny summer’s evening session in August 2017 on my arrival in Stockholm. Since then I have played through sun, heat, rain, sleet, ice and snow with a great group of internationally minded people always keen to improve, but most of all to have fun. Previous experience is not necessary -I played rugby through school and university and am still unlearning old habits. Just bring a can do attitude and a smile.


Ehsan Deldari

I'm from Tehran, the capital city if Iran, and came to Sweden in 2010 to study a Masters program at Linköping University, where I first got introduced to rugby by a classmate, during my second year. I then moved to Stockholm in 2014. Here, an Australian friend of mine encouraged me to try Touch as another type of rugby. That was in 2015 and my love for this game has been growing ever since.


Christine Winter

One sunny afternoon in June 2014 at Gärdet in Stockholm I found a group of lovely Touch players and just started playing with them. I wasn't good, didn't understand the game and the rules but I had so much fun that I continued to go to the sessions. I tried out rugby before but enjoyed mostly the running and passing. Well that's what Touch is about... Our highlight was our very first tournament in Nice 2015. Since then the touch journey goes on.

Join the fun

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