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An absolutely lovely tournament, in the city with one of the most famous Christmas market in the world. 16 teams from around Europe, 4 fields, 3 full-time referees per game, a costumed after-party, this is what every Touch player wants to experience... For our first appearance in 2016, we finished 7/16, with an overall good performance and a drop-off win on our final against Brussels Kituro. We also made quite an impression with our Saint Lucia costumes.
In 2017 we finished after a pretty cold day with a solid 10th place of 18, even though it wasn't in our lovely Touch Sthlm jerseys.

2019 we went with the development team LAX and rocked the christmas party as usual. 



This is another tournament that we love to go to in April, combining Sea, Touch & Sun! The level is high enough for us to improve but not too hard to get destroyed every game! In 2016 we finished 6/10, 9/16 in 2017 and 6/13 place in 2018. Besides the friendly atmosphere during tournament and the great weather, the after-party tend to be high-quality with a costumed party, small games between the team and an epic award ceremony...

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Berlin is one of our favourite city for tournaments: cheap and easy to fly to, a great Touch community, great hostels and a nice city to visit after the tournament. That's why it was the first tournament we joined in 2015, with an entire squad from Sweden. Since then we have been to another tournament in 2017 and not to forget the legendary Capital Cup 2018, a 2-day tournament with great teams from all around the world!



We took part in this tournament in September 2016, with a squad of 11, including 6 newbies. The day was fabulous with 30 degrees and a blue sky. 
Our first game was against the Budapest Islanders and we finished the game with a comfortable victory 8-2. Another solid performance from our squad delivered the second win of the day against Vienna. We were then treated with some local delicacies for lunch: a gulasch, cooked by one of the player's family. We got back on the field against "Darvak Budapest" facing an extremely tight game with both sides scoring one after the other, but Darvak managed to pull ahead for one little point. Final ranking of the pool stage: second.
That meant playing our first final ever, and we were opposed to Darvak again. Exhausted after a tight 7-7, we had to go for an intense drop-off: 6, 5, 4 on the field... and then we scored, winning the competition! That was our first trophy ever and a magical moment. The after party was intense...



We started the tournament against a local contact rugby team, with a large victory, great for confidence of our newbies. The next game against Touch Grenoble was a close game that we lost 5-4 at the last minute. Although it was a loss we were quite happy with our performance during this game, showing French rugby clubs that we could perform. The last pool game was a larger defeat 5-1 against a very strong team of Strasbourg.

But luck was on our side, finishing 2nd best 3rd, and getting the 8th and last place for the Cup - that also meant a quarter final against the best team of the morning, the French champions SMH Blues. We had a very good first half, only one point below 4-3 at the break, but their experience and fresh legs made the difference in the second half with a final score 8-3. One win and one defeat later, we ended at a satisfying 6th place, with great memories for everyone.



In September 2017 a small squad of Touch Sthlmers attended the Bembel Cup in Frankfurt, Germany. First the weather didn't look so promising, but it turned out as a really fun tournament. We started the day with a good draw vs Munich, but then lost our 3 next encounters against very strong sides of Zurich, Strasbourg and Berlin. A large victory vs Luxembourg combined with a defeat of Munich vs Berlin would have sent us in the Plate, but although we fulfilled our part with a convincing 8-2 victory vs Luxembourg, Munich found that extra strength to tie Berlin and grab the last sport for the plate. Our final game was a close defeat 3-2 and we ended up on the 9th place in total ranking. 
A big thank you to all our supporting players and touch friends!

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Join the local touch tournament each spring and autumn. 

More information and events on Touch Stockholm Facebook page


First one took place in July 2017 with 6 teams from around Stockholm, 2 full-time ref, and pies served next to the field. In 2018 we were part of the Stockholm 10s tournament and had even international teams joining, from Copenhagen, Hamburg and from Helsinki.

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