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Ask Us Anything!

I've never played Touch or rugby, is it hard to learn?

Touch is a very easy sport to learn; you will have fun immediately and get the basics right in a few sessions even without a rugby background. You can go as far as making it to the squad playing international tournaments in a just a couple of months if you are committed to the sport!

How fit do I have to be to be able to play?

We have people with very different fitness level playing at Touch STHLM, from the more serious ones who train outside Touch for better fitness to people that only play touch a few times a month to maintain their fitness level - Touch is a great way to keep in shape while having fun!

What does it cost to play?

Its free to try out touch! Once  you´re hooked you become a paying member. 

Members fee is 750 kr for a year and you´ll get a free T-shirt when you join. When you are a member you can participate in our tournaments. 

What equipment do I need to play?

You only need regular running shoes or football shoes, since we play on grass and it might be slippery. 
We bring the rest (balls, cones, bibs, …)!

Is Touch also for children? 

Yes, Touch is for everyone! Especially on our social Sunday session we often have kids at joining the game. Still we recommend parents to be present if the child is under 10. We are currently working on a "Touch Academy" system for children.

Touch in general


Where and when do you train?

We train twice a week, on Wednesday after-work (18.30-20.30 in summer, 20.30-22.00 in winter) and Sunday morning.

 In summer we play at Gärdet’ sports fields and in winter we change between 3-4 locations depending on fields availability. We always publish an event on our Facebook page 1-2 days before each training with updated time and location.

How does a training session look like?

We usually do 10-15 min warm-up exercises, 15 min technical exercises and then play for the rest of the session with plenty of water breaks.

What is a typical player profile in your team?

We do not really have one, since we have players from under 10 to more than 50 years old, girls, boys, many nationalities and different backgrounds. Touch STHLM is a melting pot of all these people!

What language do you speak during session?

We are using English as our main language but some Swedish and French is sometime heard on the field ;-)

Where do I find more information?

You can follow us on facebook, instagram or write us an e-mail!  Fastest is usually facebook messenger and follow our facebook page for events and updates. 

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What is touch rugby?

Touch rugby, also simply called “Touch”, is a sport inspired from rugby league with minimal contact between the players, focusing instead on passing and running. Just like in rugby the goal is to score points by placing the ball behind the try line. The defending team can prevent this by touching the player in possession of the ball. It is very easy to learn and brings together people of various genders, provenances, ages and social backgrounds.

How many players are needed for a game?

Official games are played 6v6, with up to 8 rolling substitutes. The players can either be all men, women or mixed (3 men & 3 women). During training sessions, we tune these numbers to have a good experience for everyone, depending on the turnout of the day.

How big is the field

A regular field is 70 m long by 50 m wide, but we often play on smaller fields during training sessions.

How long is a game?

Official rules state 2x20 min with 5 min half time, but these are subject to changes – in fact most games last 20 to 30 minutes.

I never heard about touch, is it popular?

Touch rugby is the fastest-growing team sport in Europe, with several thousands licensed players, essentially in UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Benelux. In the rest of the world, Touch is even bigger with several millions players, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. You can find more information on the Federation of International Touch website.

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